What is retailtainment?

Recently, we have witnessed ferocious competition for the attention of consumers, which has translated into an improved shopping experience at physical shops. Retailtainment (retail + entertainment) is one of the spheres currently being explored by the retail sector with a view to achieving this goal.

Point of sale, or point of entertainment and fun?

Shopping is a form of leisure and entertainment for a lot of people. But let’s be honest, it’s not always something we would like to be doing. Retailtainment strives to change the concept of point of sale and to move it towards a more “playful” approach to shop transactions.

This is particularly useful in shopping centres where there is even greater competition between physical shops and where attracting customers is essential.

What is the purpose of retailtainment?

Like any marketing strategy, retailtainment seeks to sell and increase the revenue of retail businesses. However, retailtainment goes even further since it has an additional clear objective: to have visitors enjoy their experience.

Some retailtainment examples have been around for a very long time. Book shops with a café service are unmistakable instances of retail aimed at ensuring a pleasant experience for the customers.

Ideas and examples of retailtainment

One of the key elements of retailtainment consists in offering visitors an experience which goes beyond looking for products and buying them. We need to remember that the goal is for anyone to be able to enjoy their experience at the shop and, to this end, we need to offer them more. Depending on our sector and our brand’s personality, we can adapt some of these ideas, or think of new ones!

Retail and cuisine

Many brands offer food on a special date in the year or the brand’s history. This idea does not suit every shop, but it can work in a lot of sectors if it is properly adapted. Remember that the food you offer does not need to affect your products. There are a lot of types of food which could even go with a clothes shop such as sushi.


At a time when art often seems more dependent on presentation and concept, displaying our products as if they were in a museum may give our store a different look & feel and surprise our visitors.


Are retail, entertainment and technology compatible? Of course. For example, augmented reality and virtual reality are used to offer a different experience to our visitors and to surprise everyone. There are countless possibilities which enable us to grab people’s attention for a few minutes.

Scenarios for Instagram

People nowadays like to share everything they do on social media. And if we offer them a well designed space where they can take a photo, they will certainly do it. If we also provide props, they will enjoy the experience even more. Publicity on social media without major investments. It’s not a bad idea, right?


Workshops are a great way of attracting people to our shop. Consumers learn something useful and find out about us and our products. Workshops on how to use the products, how to apply makeup, cooking, robotics or any other topic linked to our sector allow us to attract customers to our shops, give them a good experience and gain a position as experts.


Retailtainment is a win-win strategy for retailers and customers which can make a huge difference to our shop’s accounts and its reputation in the area. These strategies may be ongoing or occasional. It is your decision how you wish to give your customers a pleasurable experience so that they leave your shop with a bag, and a smile.

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