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During Food Weeks, all of the attendees at the event will be able to enjoy themselves and try out all of the innovations that HMY has developed for the food industry, and see what they will be able to incorporate in their different commercial establishments.

The innovative solutions in furniture and equipment for the food industry, which will be presented as a part of Food Weeks, are especially designed to meet the requirements that retailers demand, and which HMY has recognized as a priority and a necessity in food establishments.

Less Is More

With these three words, we can best describe the features that retailers demand when it comes to product storage systems in their stores. The space and how it is organized or a product’s distribution in the sales room are some of the main concerns that retailers currently have. At HMY, we know how important these challenges are, which is why we have created the Slim Line of shelving. This is a model of shelving units which broadens the range of shelving offered by HMY, “P25 Evolution,” and which helps to improve the roll-out of new product displays, reinforcing the core message that you can’t buy what you can’t see.

That is why we now have our Slim Line shelving. Just as our head of product development explains: “The Slim Line is more esthetic, it doesn’t have spot welding, it’s thinner, its balancing components have been reinforced, it’s more lightweight, and it has the capacity to hold over 67 pounds per square foot.” Also, thanks to all of these features, it can be adapted to any merchandise or shopping area.

Fresh Foods Have Found Their Home

We’ve done it! Yes, we have made it a reality and there is finally a piece of furniture that is adapted to the needs of retailers. In order to achieve this, we have placed particular emphasis on cleanliness, the conservation of fresh food products, and workplace ergonomics, in addition to improving the display of merchandise. Through studying consumer behavior regarding the purchase of fresh foods, we have determined that accessibility and a clear view of the product are crucial in order for them to make a better buying decision.

With an understanding of these needs, at HMY we have developed the FLEG7 F&V Display, a display that provides consumers with a direct view and access to fruit and vegetables.


By applying value engineering to the problem at hand. This way, in the words of our director of fresh produce: “What this display accomplishes is that it keeps the fresh produce stored in the best condition, no matter what the temperature is outside.”

Not only that, but we have also considered other types of fresh food products such as bread displays. With this in mind, we have created displays designed to highlight special offers and more hygienic, innovative displays for smaller baked goods.

Adapting Is Key

Drawing attention to the different goods in the store is getting more and more complicated for retailers. Our visual communications director explains that: “The customer is exposed to more and more external influences, and so the key to grabbing their attention lies in changing the format of our signs and displays, and even the way that we interact with them.” If one thing has become clear, it is that the habits of consumers have changed, and the fact that they have a need that they want fulfilled no longer matters. Of course this has some influence, but on top of this, they need the added value of the brand.

To develop this added value, or this new form of communication or product display, at HMY we innovate in every project, by adapting and working with the client during each development phase of the concept that will later be implemented in commerce. At HMY we approach each project differently, because every client has different needs.

Ultimately, at Food Weeks we want to invite all of the attendees to discover for themselves that any project or requirement that they have in their businesses can be successfully developed if they have the necessary knowledge and abilities to adapt supply to their brand concept and final customer.

At HMY we can provide innovative and efficient solutions to any type of project that a retailer wants to take on in their commercial food establishment. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover for yourself and come and see us during Food Weeks.

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