The Key to Sustainability Is Innovation

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips. It is an issue that is influencing nearly all sectors of the economy as well as people’s lifestyles. Also, not only is this trend here to stay, but it will continue to increase, because it is something that improves both our quality of life and that of future generations.

This is why sustainability has become vitally important to HMY.

How can a retail company achieve sustainability?

Innovate, innovate and innovate.” These are the keys to achieving sustainability, according to Javier Rey, Quality Director at HMY. Innovation is one of the points in which HMY is most invested.

· Innovate in technological, eco-efficient and ergonomic products which address real needs, and which are simple enough to be accepted naturally.

· Innovate in raw materials from sources which are less polluting and more abundant, which will allow for their reintroduction into the production chain by means of recycling.

· Innovate in more efficient processes, with less energy consumption and a longer service life.

· Innovate in current business management and organizational structures in order to achieve a better work/life balance for our workers, as well as continuous training processes.

But sustainability is not limited to this. Javier Rey stresses that, in addition to the actions taken in recent years in the company’s Business Unit, HMY will insure all its operations through ISO9001, ISO140001 and OSHAS18001 certifications, which help to solidify our commitment to caring for people and the environment. In fact, at HMY we have a code of ethics which will be updated according to the company’s new strategy.

Finally, we must emphasize two other particularly relevant aspects: energy efficiency plans and the dedication of internal resources to social work.

Why is sustainability so important to a retail company?

As Javier Rey explains, companies have to think about their survival and their future presence. This is why HMY’s activities are based on four essential pillars:

1.- Generating profitability for the company itself. If the company is not profitable, it will not last over time.

2.- Invest in R + D in order to develop new solutions in products and services, all according to the market’s needs. In this process it is important to be familiar with trends, clients and consumers. This makes it possible to design and develop new technological products, materials and eco-efficient developments.

3.- Regarding the environment. Raw materials are not inexhaustible and, therefore, we must work on reducing their consumption and ensuring their recycling and recovery. We should also work on the disposal of waste during the production processes and the assembly of the materials, which must be implemented in a commercial space.

4.- Finally, and most importantly, our people, a valuable resource which ensures the transmission of knowledge and a process of continuous improvement of our professionals on both a professional and personal level. Added to this is the corporate social responsibility to those entities that help people in need.

Sustainability’s Economic Impact on HMY

Sustainability helps to ensure a company’s economic survival in both the medium and long term. At HMY we continuously invest in this, particularly in aspects related to the consumption of raw materials and energy, as well as the reduction of waste generation.

Social activities have also been implemented such as the integration of groups who have difficulties returning to the labor market: Syrian refugees, people over 45 years old who have been unemployed for more than 2 years, young people without experience, etc.

Since the company’s inception, HMY has worked towards sustainability, although it may not have been spoken of in these terms at the time. Nevertheless, the concept of sustainability, by this name or any other, is and has been a concern of ours for a long time.

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