The importance of lighting in Travel Retail

The growth in tourism in recent years is strongly driving the development of commercial spaces located in airports, ports and train stations. The number of travellers is increasing year by year and the travel retail sector is growing in parallel with it.

The brands, aware of this opportunity not only to diversify their business but also to approach a wider and different consumer profile, are focusing their efforts on developing their offer in this sector.

The concept of space, which is the key point to offer a unique and memorable shopping experience, has undergone a complete transformation with travel retail.
The differentiation that brands need, both in their offer and in the way they are presented to the travelling consumer, is closely related to how spaces are designed and conceptualised. The consumer’s journey within the stores in terminals is fundamental and for that purpose the in-store displays and lighting solutions will set them apart.

A unique experience

Lighting, in particular, has an essential role, since it is one of the key elements to attract the customer’s attention. Keep in mind that the travel retail buyer is a different consumer since its main objective is not the purchase. This requires a greater knowledge of the travel retail consumer profile to be able to use all the possible techniques to attract their attention.

The different lighting solutions also allow brands to highlight seasonal products, adapt their in-store displays according to the influx of travellers and even according to the profiles of each consumer. These types of implementations, together with correctly analysing the data extracted through business intelligence-based solutions, provides sufficient adaptability to maximise the efficiency of in-store displays.

If the objective is to optimise the sales area and manage to get to the checkout, we will need thetravel retail spaces to be designed to generate a unique atmosphere where the customer feels invited to consume. An aspect where the efficiency of lighting solutions is maximised is by combining them with other technological solutions, such as smart signage, holograms or interactive kiosks.

In short, the ultimate goal is based on achieving a shopping experience through differentiation. Shopping has to be perceived as a set of unique experiences, where you can also buy products with better economic conditions, due to their duty free nature.

Lighting and technology are not the only key elements in travel retail. Personalisation and brand building will also be revealed as a key aspect in this budding sector. Therefore, HMY adapts its offer through the customised design of solutions where innovation and energy efficiency are key aspects in the developments, always with the aim of meeting each of its clients’ needs and helping them to increase efficiency in their sales spaces.

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