The customer’s XX shopping experience

What had been a relatively optional part of business not too long ago, has already become a must within the retail sector. Technology has become one of the main challenges of the retail sector in the food industry.

The expectations of customers in this respect has led retailers to take a chance on new strategies that improve the customer experience and, at the same time, improve their workers’ daily lives by improving process efficiency.

Technology for the Food Industry

At Food weeks which will take place from November 13th to December 15th, we would like to have you with us in order to show you all of the technological innovations that we have prepared for your food retailing business.

The digital components of the businesses allow owners to get new information about what is happening in the physical store, as well as have a greater impact on customers. Through this technological innovation, connections are established between customers and the brand. And this is not all, rather a new concept is coming into play: the experiential purchase. That is to say, a purchase that, in addition to the product that is acquired,  contributes added value to the customer.

To this end, innovation plays a very important role in this added value, because it does not just come from the creation of new concepts, but also the application of existing technology to problems that retailers are finding in their businesses. At HMY we work on these two tracks in order to provide our clients with new solutions to their needs, always adapting to their demands and specific characteristics.

According to our expertise, technology offers our clients the ability to display products and services in a new and different way, achieving two main objectives:

  • To improve the in-store experience of customers.
  • Differentiation within the food industry.

Technology’s Influence on the Creation of an Experience

In this respect, the user experience within the retail sector of the food industry has become increasingly more relevant with the development of new concepts that can bring customers closer to a brand and which  help in the process of building customer loyalty.

These innovations range from the use of new digital signage systems, to holograms that enhance and make their products stand out among the rest, different solutions for queue management in stores, interactive helpers to help customers, social walls, specific content to display with the digital signage… And many more alternative solutions that offer your customers an original, innovative experience that is adapted to their needs.

All of this without forgetting the integration of all these products in the furniture of the store; at HMY we understand the importance of the your brand image being present in everything that surrounds the setting of your business. This is why we pay close attention to detail so that all of the technologies that are implemented in your business are also integrated with the rest of the furniture in the store.

As you can see, at HMY we understand our clients’ needs and requests when it comes to businesses in the food sector. That is why during the course of Food Weeks we would like to show you the different solutions that make necessary changes to the food industry possible.

If you are interested and do not want to miss all the innovations we have prepared for you in the food industry, just contact us through email and join us at this special event.

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