HMY France deploys its sales force in the South-East quarter

In order to increase our presence alongside our clients, as well as the quality of our service, we are deploying a direct sales force and ending the distribution contract with Sudexpo/ProExpace.

Maintaining close business relations with our clients is our priority. This desire has led us to today terminate the current sales dealership contract that we have with our reseller, Sudexpo/ProExpace.

Strengthened by our presence in the south of France over many years, we are better placed to take care of our clients in this region. We currently have:

  • – a local sales network
  • – a factory at Escatalens in Tarn-et-Garonne
  • – a team in charge of local operations to monitor construction sites
  • – the support of HMY Retail Services who offer, among other things, furniture fitting services, Retrofit system installations for cold units, as well as surface and furniture painting.

The end of our relationship with Sudexpo/ProExpace will become effective as of 1st June 2015. Regional contacts for all HMY equipment purchases are:

  • – Mr. Philippe Damade and his team for major food retailers.
  • – Mrs. Sandrine Berréhouc-Micheau and her team for pharmacies.

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