New Fleg 7 Furniture: an Innovative Design that Adds Value to the Fruits and Vegetables Section

At HMY we are committed to innovation as a way to offer the best solutions to our clients.  We are also always paying attention to trends in the retail world, taking into account consumers’ demands, as they’re no longer the same as just a few years ago.

The result of these combined factors is reflected in products like our new POP display for fruits and vegetables, Fleg 7.

Fruits and Vegetables are Filling Up Shopping Carts More and More

Modern consumer habits increasingly tend to favor healthy and sustainable products.  For this reason, fruits and vegetables are present in more than 60% of shopping carts, with people over the age of 60, families with teenagers, and young adults buying them the most.

Considering these trends, retailers have to offer fresh, quality produce at a reasonable price, but they also have to be in the best conditions.  Of course it has to be attractive, and encourage impulse shopping too.

Once again, HMY manages to provide an effective solution to challenges faced by the retail sector; Fleg 7 is perfect to display fruits and vegetables attractively, in the best conditions.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”6222″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” el_class=”s-padding-bottom”][vc_column_text el_class=”s-padding-bottom font-size-20″]What’s New With Fleg 7?

Fleg 7 furniture combines previous fruits and vegetables equipment, but it also introduces two big innovations:

  • Increased front space: to show prices and to reduce the container’s visibility, with the goal of highlighting the produce itself.
  • Refrigeration option: a stainless steel tray, where the retailor can adjust the temperature to preserve fruits and vegetables perfectly at all times.

These two features, are important in terms of design and innovation, and also perfectly suited to the products Fleg 7 is intended for: fruits and vegetables. It’s today’s consumers who increasingly demand a greater supply of fresh, quality, in season produce and new displays that not only show their full splendor, but also keeps them in perfect conditions until they’re purchased.

Fleg 7 Furniture’s Key Benefits

Fleg 7’s innovations aren’t the only remarkable thing. We can also highlight these other great points of interest for retailers:

  • Space optimization: thanks to its personalized shape that can be adapted to different stations, retailors can choose how they want to use it, giving priority to the upper containers or to the bottom drawers. If the latter is not used for sales, they can also be used for storage.
  • Maximum hygiene: the stainless steel trays not only preserve fruits and vegetables, but they’re also more hygienic and easier to clean.
  • Modern and versatile design: The blend of materials gives a modern and attractive look.  On the other hand, the use of wood, especially in the lower sections, retains that handcrafted spirit, while the metals used in the superior areas encourage cleanliness and maintenance. As well, the layout favors customer communication, attracting and informing customers with labels and text.

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