Modern or Traditional: How to Make Our Products More Appealing to Customers

Very soon, all of the Food Weeks attendees will be able to enjoy all of the innovations that HMY has developed for the food industry. With this in mind, we would like to talk about how you can add more value to the fresh products that you sell in your business and be able to adapt to the market trends.

All of the furniture and developments that we have created for the perishables and fresh produce sections at any establishment have the main goal of meeting a series of defined needs: from hygiene, to the preservation of fresh products, to the ergonomics of each design in order to make its operator’s job easier. Always without losing sight of the function that all furniture must perform in a business: to attract customers.

But how can we attract customers?

Depending on the type of product that is being displayed, at HMY we have designed different solutions, all of which have the unifying characteristic of being able to draw attention to the freshness of the products inside. For example, evoking the sensation of baked bread, in the case of the bakery area, or highlighting the freshness of fresh products such as fish, fruits, or vegetables.

The first concept that you will find there is a piece of furniture for fruits and vegetables, which is designed to keep the merchandise refrigerated throughout the day, regardless of the temperature in the store. We wanted to give this solution a very special touch in which metal and wood join to give it an elegant look and convey to the customer that the products are well preserved.

Other solutions that you may find at our FOOD WEEKS will include concepts for displaying goods such as bread and pastries. For these products, we propose different types of furniture like sale tables, counters, or furniture where smaller loaves or baguettes can be displayed well and in a way that the customer considers hygienic.  Alternatively, you will also find a solution for improving displays for fish. For this, we recommend ICE&ERG, a counter specially designed for your establishment. This design is based on improving its operator’s work process. After a thorough ergonomic study of the work process, we added a coating that allows the ice inside to be preserved for longer, so that fish or shellfish can be kept fresh.

At HMY, we have thought of everything and we offer a solution for each type of product that can be found in the different fresh sections of business establishments.

But furniture is not the only factor that goes into customer attraction and displays. On that point, we must combine this with the space’s atmosphere, which is an important part if its appeal. To achieve this, it is necessary to combine different elements, such as the colors and finishes of the environment: “Floor, walls and ceiling” which, together with a properly lit environment, and complemented with decorative elements, transform the space. In addition, combining static and dynamic signage makes the space a prominent element of the entire commercial area.

Authenticity As A Key Element

In recent years, the tendency of the food market has been a focus on returning to the essence of the products, to the traditional.In the words of our head of Visual Communication: “There are many raw materials, materials which evoke nature and which align with this tendency very well.” Some of these are solid wood or raw metal. “The tones created by these types of materials are warm and welcoming and they provide a sense of wellbeing for the consumer.”

At HMY we believe that each project is unique. Therefore, every development executed by our team involved in the innovative process is very aligned with the needs of our clients.

Therefore, we invite you to discover all that we can offer you at Food Weeks. At this special event, our team will be there to help you learn about the most useful products for your business in the food industry, as well as discover all of the possibilities that HMY can offer you.

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