Keeping the glass half full at point of purchase for drinks brands

In a consumer culture that’s forever changing, it can be difficult for brands to make their mark with new customers and maintain relationships with existing ones. We are now a nation of bargain hunters who are attracted to BOGOF deals and flash sales, so it’s increasingly difficult for brands to stand out in store and cut through the competition.[

As shoppers become savvier, they’re more likely to head to a store with a purpose, armed with a list of items they’re intending to buy. They’ve most probably already been marketed to via social media advertising, for example, and are familiar with the products they’re intending to purchase, so how does a brand catch the attention of a consumer once they’re inside the store?

This is where point of purchase (POP) comes in. When used effectively, POP can help a particular product or range stand out and create a unique image in the customer’s mind. Of course, the traditional routes involve board signage and coupon dispensers, for instance, but to really make an impact, retailers should engage in more exciting tactics to attract shoppers.

For drinks brands, in particular, POP can be one of the most effective forms of marketing. When building your strategy for POP, consider how to best make use of the space available – your design consultant will be able to help with this, but it’s good to have an idea of how you see the display looking in your target retail outlets.

For instance, think about which other drinks brands are likely to be placed near your brand and what’s likely to attract your target customer in-store. Using holographic displays for a new product launch will inject the ‘wow’ factor and is sure to catch customers’ eyes as they navigate their way around the store. It doesn’t need to be a long-term solution; rather, you could install such displays during launch periods or perhaps save them for flagship stores only.

Bringing in digital signage is another way to make your brand stand out in a slick and innovative way. When installed at strategic points within the store, it can boost communication with customers, update them on offers and encourage a purchase.

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