How can the retail sector exploit the greater influx of passengers during Soccer’s World Cup?

Soccer’s World Cup has traditionally had an enormous impact on sports and business. It’s an excellent economic opportunity for the host country, as well as for the numerous brands in participating countries and in all those regions where Soccer is the number one sport.

This impact has been maintained and increased during recent competitions. As the World Cup is celebrated every four years, growth is more evident, and it’s estimated that over 3.5 billion fans will enjoy the event this summer, either on TV or at home.

Not only do better deals and TV coverage contribute to this increase, but also fans have a greater ability to travel to where the matches are being hosted.  The retail sector, particularly travel retail, is greatly affected by this.

How can you exploit retail during the celebration of Soccer’s World Cup?

The celebration of Soccer’s World Cup brings a growing number of fans to the organizing country.  Several factors influence this, like easy access to flights and affordable accommodations, or the greater number of participating countries at these events.

But it’s also true that the scope of publicity and brand presence has been accentuated. At the World Cup this relationship goes both ways.  On one hand, prominent companies at the World Cup have managed to create a community spirit, where fans identify with it, and this makes them more susceptible to consumption.

On the other hand, the growing presence of followers from different countries, economic classes, and ages has attracted various advertisers from different sectors, who didn’t expect to have a presence previously.

Brand involvement and customers who identify with them makes this influx greater, and this is something that we see with points of sale, as we’ve already mentioned in previous articles.

When assessing the value of the World Cup’s influence on the retail sector, we shouldn’t ignore the channel of travel retail.

Travel Retail, a Profitable Sales Channel During the World Cup

Travel is an important channel for retail sector sales, and the evolution of airports, as well as the tourism sector in general, has greatly influenced its strategies.

The creation of unique spaces, full of exclusive experiences, can attract passengers and customers, entertaining them during their layovers, positively influencing this sales channel.

Today’s customers, especially those that are frequent flyers, look for something different in points of sale, something that impacts them differently compared to classic channels and online sales.

With the celebration of the World Cup, not only can we exploit the specific routes that fans take to attend the event, but we can also design spaces with motifs and specific actions related to the soccer world and sports.

Innovation and technology have to play a key role in all of this. Cutting edge technologies are applied at the World Cup, and this must also happen with points of sale, promoting products and services related to the World Cup and its prominent brands. This is how you’ll be able to get the most out of a large influx of passengers, and with all eyes on the World Cup, they will be eager to consume more.

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