How Can Brands Take Advantage of the Soccer World Cup to Connect with Customers?

Soccer’s World Cup is an event that attracts hundreds of millions of people every four years.  During the month-long competition, it seems like nothing else exists, and both media outlets and fans are paying attention to what’s going on there.

As we might expect, this is an unrivaled opportunity for advertisers.  It’s understood that being part of this big event is practically essential for brands to maintain or increase their status in the eyes of consumers, especially in certain sectors.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”s-padding-bottom font-size-20″]The Most Prominent Brands at the World Cup 

At the World Cup, some sectors are traditionally more prominent.  By looking at the most consistent advertisers, we see that brands related to sports, technology, and food and beverages, are those that invest the most.

When we talk about sports brands, it’s a natural connection, as the World Cup attracts the fans of the world’s number one sport.  The technology sector is also closely allied to these events, focusing more so on electronic appliances, and more recently, digital devices.  When it comes to food and beverages, these brands take advantage of World Cup fan parties and celebrations, where their products are always abundantly consumed.

But we also have to expect the competition to be huge.  All brands want to get their piece of the pie and they want the biggest piece possible.  Even though the World Cup’s audiences and its influence on consumption are increasing, it’s necessary to plan the next strategies, so that the impact on the public is as efficient as possible. And for this, points of sale turn out to be essential.

Retail, the Key to Connecting with Customers during the World Cup

Physical shops are fundamental to creating a link with consumers.  Within these spaces, opportunities to seduce and reach potential customers are significant, and thanks to technological innovations, increasingly effective.

Shopping spaces have been evolving gradually in recent times.  In addition to attractive POP displays, they have evolved to include shopping experiences that make customers feel like they’re in a unique setting, with personalized service.

This can be done through the design and implementation of spaces and furniture created specifically for these events.  Custom-made displays with motifs specific to the World Cup or features related to the soccer world will make customers identify with these brands and their products and be drawn towards them, instead of towards other brands that don’t give them the same feeling.

Something similar will happen in spaces where technological solutions offering audiovisual experiences are implemented.  This is to let people know about the products’ benefits, to persuade them and to connect with customers, creating a personalized channel of communication to develop loyalty throughout the shopping experience.

HMY Offers Complete and Integrated Solutions to Brands & Retailers 

HMY can help you as a brand and as a retailer to get the most out of your sales spaces.  The World Cup is the perfect occasion to project a new image and to create new experiences, but don’t assume this can only be carried out in these exceptional circumstances.

Taking sales points to the next level is more important than ever, especially when the competition is growing from other types of sales. Collaborating with a leading company in the retail sector, like HMY, guarantees success. Customers look for innovative, exclusive experiences, and this is what you must offer in your spaces to make a difference.

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