HMY, Nominated for the Dach Popai Awards

The team at HMY Germany has received great recognition for their work and innovation in the retail sector and, on this occasion, the board of this edition of the Dach Popai awards has nominated the Indola floor stand in the category of Health & Perfumes.

This display stand in the shape of a hashtag was developed during the first weeks of August last year, and today it can be found in salons around the world. The project, done for the Henkel group, was led by HMY’s team in Germany, and supported by a multidisciplinary international team. Its design was conceptualized in Spain and its production was carried out in Lithuania.

Thanks to HMY’s international capabilities, this floor stand was launched internationally with a production of 1,386 displays, which meant 198 POP display were produced each week.

But this is not the only outstanding project that HMY has done. HMY has received several Popai awards in recent years, which has brought international recognition to the excellence of our work and our commitment to innovation in our projects.

In fact, last year was a great year for HMY as far as the Popai Awards are concerned, because we received two gold trophies for our work on Decléor in France and Futbol Emotion in Spain.

But we have also been recognized in previous editions, such as the International Prize for the NDMAC SYSTEMS beverage dispenser, which also received the Popai gold trophy in France in 2015; the Popai Gold trophy for Most Innovative Concept in 2015; the bronze Popai award in the UK for remodeling Tesco’s facilities in 2014; and the bronze Popai award for a floor stand made for Lindt, also in 2014.

About the Popai Awards

The Popai Awards are very prestigious in the retail sector, and they provide recognition for the best achievements of companies in every country, according to their category. Then, all of these are gathered together so that the international winners can be announced at a global gala.

These awards are given out by Popai (The Point of Purchase Advertising International), a non-profit association that has been dedicated to the world of retail and retail marketing since 1936. Popai has a presence virtually all over the world, with 20 offices representing 45 countries.

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