HMY awards its best suppliers in Turkey through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The HMY factory in Turkey, formerly HMY Teknogon, has organised a gala with the collaboration of the Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to reward the company’s best suppliers in the area. The main objective of this event, as well as recognising the Best Suppliers in Turkey in 2017, was to create awareness about HMY’s innovative and sustainable vision regarding the future of retail.

The event, which was open to the general public, was attended by Javier Olivan, HMY Purchasing Group, and Javier Rey, HMY ESG & Quality Group Manager, who shared the company’s sustainability-based vision of the future. In addition, suppliers from all over Turkey, as well as the HMY management team, also attended.

HMY presented its vision and feedback on the priorities that the group considers when selecting its suppliers and setting its quality standards. In addition, the company shared with its attendees its objectives for 2019, as well as the way in which HMY helps its partners to build long-term development plans.

This initiative is part of the new 2018-2020 strategic plan that was recently presented by HMY, where sustainability has become a fundamental pillar of growth. In this respect, it stresses the company’s commitment to the environments in which it operates, contributing to the region’s economic and social development, while promoting the growth of local businesses in a sustainable manner.

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