HMY adheres to the Luxembourg Declaration

At HMY we are committed to the people who are part of our organisation because we could not be leaders in innovation in the retail sector without them. Therefore, we have adhered to the Luxembourg  Declaration, an initiative launched by the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP).

Consequently, we undertake to integrate the basic principles of promotion, action and the reference framework of good management of workers’ health in our company.

“At HMY, we have been placing our employees at the centre of our strategy for years, as an essential part of business growth and basing our success on the team. Therefore, we encourage their continuous training and we are committed to maintaining a work environment in which we reward safety, health and personal development through a voluntary policy to promote these values,” says Juan Antonio Gutierrez, HR director at HMY.

In addition, we are not only carrying out a proactive strategy of the culture of health and safety within the organisation, but we are also committed to the sustainable development of society. An objective that ranges from the promotion, at a global level, of values such as access to health, safe working conditions, adequate housing, nutritious food, education, non-discrimination, information and participation.

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