From Point of Sale to Point of Contact

There are a lot of commercial establishments out there and, when they are located in specific areas, or in centers where dozens of shops are grouped in the same space, it can be difficult to stand out and attract customers.

The rise of online purchases has also forced physical shops to find a draw and offer something that can only be given in a close and personal relationship with their customers.

Because of these factors, traditional stores, in which physical spaces were conceived as mere points of sale, have now begun to evolve, to offer a wider range of experiences and to become authentic meeting points.

For this reason, many companies have decided to give themselves a new look and a different theme in their commercial spaces, with ideas for attracting potential customers and, in the same way, inspiring the whole retail industry.

Hawkers: Games and Prizes

Lately, the startup Hawkers has been one of the most talked-about Spanish companies. Their excellent numbers and eye-catching online presence have not gone unnoticed and, as a part of their progression, they have decided to open their first physical store in Madrid.

In order to add a touch of originality and move away from the classic opticians and eyeglass shops, in their establishment they have created an arcade game area, in which customers can have fun and where if they reach certain levels in the games, they get a discount on the products in the store.

Undoubtedly, it is an interesting and innovative choice, very in tune with everything that this company does, and it will surely influence many more stores in the near future. We will be looking forward to new openings of Hawkers stores in other parts of Europe, as they say that each of their stores will be unique and will offer valuable experiences.

Foot District: A Sensory Experience

Foot District has also made the leap from online sales to sales at a physical location, with a shop in the center of Madrid. The showroom, clearly replicating the urban style of clothing and shoes, is meant to create a space that is not only remembered, but that also makes customers feel as if they are in the same environment where they will later enjoy their purchases.

HMY has been a part of the customization of the furniture in this store, which was a great success in terms of the tone and lighting of the space, as well as the concept for a giant screen that is interactive, so that when customers touch a pair of Michael Jordan’s shoes that are displayed, they are shown images of the athlete wearing them in action. This digital signage has become quite an attraction and really draws a lot of people to stand in front of it, providing them with a much more engaging experience with the products offered.

Thermomix: From the Product to its Potential

Thermomix’s sales strategy has traditionally consisted of word of mouth recommendations and personal presentations in homes. But, to go one step further and to increase their sales and publicity, they have created a new concept for their physical stores, in which, in addition to promoting their products, they offer a series of experiences and concepts that are related to their items.

The way to achieve this has been through the possibilities that open up when you buy a Thermomix machine, which users often do not know about. For this, they offer workshops and cooking courses, so that the people who buy their products can also get an enriching experience and see the Thermomix store as a place for getting together and learning.

Amazing Toko: Learn, Try and Buy

There are many restaurants out there and, among them, Asian restaurants are very trendy. This type of food is attracting more and more people. In the same way, there are many people who have a deeper interest in these products and the way they are made.

Often, customers enjoy a delicious oriental dish and, going one step further, they then add some of these products to their shopping cart. The most adventurous will go a little further, and look for information or sign up for courses on how to recreate these recipes in their own home.

But all of these things seem more difficult when they are not easily within reach. For this reason, at Amazing Toko they have decided to create a space that offers this whole experience to their customers. We can’t really label Amazing Toko as just an Asian restaurant or a supermarket. It is all this, and much more.

And, together with HMY, they have managed to design a unique space, with a pioneering concept in the world of hospitality, which combines the supermarket, the restaurant, the take-out business and the live cooking space. So customers go there not only to enjoy the food, but they are also brought closer to an experience that, as they themselves say, lets them discover Asia beyond the palate.

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