Food Weeks: Trends and Solutions for the Food Retail Industry

As we have been announcing for some time, over the next few days Food Weeks will be taking place, more specifically from November 13th to mid-December.

Throughout these days, at HMY, we will make all of the solutions that we have developed available to you so that you can enjoy them at an event which we are sure will leave you astounded.

There is a growing need for retailers in this industry to adapt their businesses to this new era and to implement new ways of interacting with their clients. There is also a need for them to change the way they communicate or innovate in their physical spaces and the way they display products. All of this has made this event necessary for what the market is demanding.

The innovations that we will show during the event will be focused on improving and adapting any type of space within a supermarket as well as creating an experiential purchase for customers, increasing the value of the time customers spend in the store.

Therefore, we have not left out any section in these types of establishments and we have thought about all of the needs and challenges that retailers in the industry face today. We will be presenting new proposals and concepts that rely on the personalization of communication with customers, better adaptation of spaces in order to reinforce brand identity, and being able to offer customers a more personalized and tailored shopping experience.

Industry Trends Set the Pace

In our showroom at Food Weeks, you will be able to learn first hand about what different innovations can make your business space a special environment.

These solutions are completely based on consumer changes. Concepts such as experiential purchasing are booming, just as retailers’ demands and the market sentiment reflect.

One of the main trends will be the use of technology in stores. Technology is changing the way we interact and communicate in food stores, from new concepts that will completely change the way customers carry out the purchase process, to new developments that allow one to pay for products in the industry in a matter of seconds and without almost any assistance from employees.

The renovation of spaces is another important necessity for the industry. The return to an authentic, traditional feel is one of the main goals, especially regarding the sale of fresh products.

From the placement of digital signage and displays that show more thorough information about the product, to interconnected panels which are controlled from one place that give you the ability to immediately start promotional campaigns, all of these developments will allow sales spaces to be much more suited to new consumer demands and the market’s scramble for innovation.

Not only that, but we have prepared solutions for all of these areas: Shelving, Bakery, Organics, Fruits & Vegetables, Wine, Fish, Interactive Technology, and Checkout.

We don’t want to give away too much information away about everything you are going to find at Food Weeks, because we believe that it is best for you to discover the latest innovations yourself, which we have prepared for you at HMY. So, if you want to attend our Food Weeks event, just contact us, and we will prepare everything so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience at this edition of the Food Weeks.

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