The Reason Dealerships Are Shiny and Coffee Shops Have Wood Flooring: Our Customers’ Senses and Our Business

Color has always been around. Of course this is nothing new and we can all agree on that. However, due to simple historical associations, each color has always brought up particular sensations to those who see it.

The color red sends a lot of different messages. It can signify passion, or, in a more practical sense for the retail industry, it can signal promotions or special offers of our products. On the other hand, green indicates health, peace, tranquility, and nature.

Using these two colors, we are able to better observe the repositioning of the McDonald’s logo in some countries such as Spain, Great Britain or France. As we know, in the past McDonald’s used the color bright red.

The exact reasoning for this choice is not exactly clear, although it seems that they were trying to project the ideas of boldness, courage, passion, energy and urgency. Especially the last two. One of the hallmarks of the company has always been the fast production of food, which is where these types of businesses got the name fast food.

But let’s not get caught up in the details.

Why did McDonald’s change its signature color?

Mainly because of the perception the customers had of the brand. The idea of fast food has always been connected with that of food that is unhealthy. However, the color green improves this perception. After all, the color green, in addition to being associated with healthier food, has always suggested peace, less urgency, and a healthier lifestyle.

Shine Bright…

We’ll move away from colors for a while; a lot has been written on this topic. But, have you ever asked yourselves why everything is so shiny and bright at car dealerships? Or why the new bakeries and even coffee shops are completely covered with wood flooring?

As you can probably guess, it is not just coincidence.

Let’s get closer to this situation.

For any customer, whether they are wealthy of not, buying a car is a very important purchase because of one important detail: the price.

So as a business owner, how do you want to make them feel?

Obviously you want to provide the customer with a luxurious atmosphere, where they know that what they are about to buy is worth every dollar, euro or pound they spend on it.

And when you are discussing such large figures, what better an environment than one where everything around is new, sleek and modern?

But how do you accomplish this in a subtle way?

It’s easy: with large windows which let a lot of light come in and reflect off of our products, the tables, the columns, and everything, making everything shine naturally.

Traditional Sells Too

Now we’ll talk about what happens with bakeries and modern coffee shops.

From our perspective as business owners, we focus on our customers’ senses.

Coffee and bread are food items that have been produced for centuries. So put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

What do they want from your business?

They want to get away from industrial life, to go back to being able to smell something that has just been made, to be able to hold your product when it is fresh out of the oven.

How can you create this environment?

Fill your business with wood and stone. These elements that have always been around and can take your customer back to a not-so-distant past, when bread was handmade and coffee was brewed just before it was served.

Because, who doesn’t like things that are made with love and care?

It is an added value that you can take advantage of by creating the traditional sensations that we are all searching for. Because the product that you are trying to sell isn’t the only thing that will get your clients to spend money. Instead, the whole surrounding environment effects the perception and image of the brand that you want to show to the public.

Whether it is done with colors, or with the materials and sensations that your business evokes.

It all makes sense now, right?

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