HMY launches a new concept of self-scanning

HMY surprise again in their capacity to innovate by designing a check-out that solves the current problems certain clients have when passing through self-scanning check-outs.

It consists of a new concept to manage the flow of clients depending on their situation. The hand-held scanner is checked by a first cashier. If there is no re-scan, the customer pays and exits directly through a central dedicated alley. If there is a re-scan, the customer is directed to a dedicated alley where there is a second check-out and the client empties the contents of the trolley and the second cashier re-scans all the items and he pays there and exits.

With this new concept, the client who does not have a re-scan moves through the check-out quicker and is not disturbed by the flow of the clients who have a re-scan. However the re-scan clients are not penalized as they have a traditional check-out system with the same comforts. In addition, with this concept, all clients are constantly moving forwards and thus pass the check-out area easier.

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