Forum Sport: The reinvention of sports fashion retail

Thanks to our expertise, at HMY, we are able to accompany the transformation processes of our clients from whatever field or niche they come from, be it brands or retailers.

Currently, the sports market is booming, and Forum Sport, the “made in Spain” insignia, is very well aware that in order to take advantage of this socioeconomic push, they need to become the industry distribution benchmark by transforming their brand, retail space and even business model.

Towards a new concept


After conducting a preliminary analysis of the retail space and the consumer that the brand pursues, we were able to identify our client’s needs.

We went from reinforcing the presence of the leading brands and turning the space into a place where the distributed brands coexist to increasing the appeal of the sales area for the sports product suppliers. Additionally, Forum Sport had to improve the visibility of each category and increase the profitability of the space, managing to mainly win over sports fans without forgetting about more expert athletes.

With this starting point, our Consultancy & Design team and the customer saw the need to rethink Forum Sport as, not only a distribution space but also a space for the sports experience.

A platform that integrates brands through thematic universes and takes advantage of the fact that each one of the categories and their product offering requires a different, customised treatment due to their technical specificities.

Towards the tech-xperience

The new Forum Sport space has been strengthened by technological solutions developed by HMY in order to boost the efficiency of sales and the purchase experience.

Solutions destined to solving very specific necessities, regarding the challenges involving influx (attracting more people to enter the store) and influence (convincing more people to buy the products).

The result was near 2600 square metres which were completely reshaped, producing a 25% increase in income for every square metre and an increase of 10.7% in omnichannel sales.

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