The importance of merging the online and offline offering

Although it may make for interesting headlines, brick and mortar retail is certainly not dead. And, despite the online disruption, shopping in physical stores is, in fact, still growing – just at a slower pace than online.

At the same time as we’re seeing brands develop their online presence, it’s not to be ignored that online-native stores are translating their success to the physical stores. Amazon, Misguided or Hawkers are some of the examples.

There’s no getting away from the fact that thanks to the technology, shopping online is quick and convenient – with just a few clicks, from the comfort of our own home, we can browse, compare and purchase products, and then expect our purchases to be delivered within a couple of days. This completely frictionless shopping experience surely means that’s the job done? Not quite.

Today, consumers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to shopping, and in order to gain, engage and keep customers, the experience should not only be convenient, but it should also entertain and engage – creating a positive and memorable experience from the shopping journey, to the checkout line.

Despite the staggering increase of e-commerce, brick and mortar stores still have the edge in the world of retail. This can be put down to factors such as being able to see and feel merchandise, and the engagement with technology and staff when purchasing a product. The most successful brands and retailers are revitalising their in-store experience, whilst merging their online and offline presence, to create an unforgettable customer journey.

‘Experience’ continues to be the buzzword of today’s retail industry, and to maintain customer loyalty, brands and retailers must provide an entertaining experience for customers, whether they’re visiting in-store or browsing the website. It’s important that the online and offline channels compliment and add value to each other – offering a consistent and seamless experience, no matter how the customer wants to shop, is key.

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