The digitalisation of sports retail

The world of sports has benefited from the technological developments that have taken place in recent decades, both in materials and design and in the digital field. These changes have not only affected the products purchased in this sector, but also the preferences and needs of consumers.

An increasingly digital consumer

Due to these changes, the consumer of sports equipment is used to progress and change, not only assimilating it quickly, but also proactively looking for it.

We must not forget that athletes are turning to the latest developments in sports equipment by looking not only for design and comfort, but also to control their times, development, etc., through their mobile devices.

How does this affect stores? This digitalisation of athletes allows stores to take better advantage of the benefits offered by new technologies, implementing solutions that add value to the consumer and allow them to more quickly discover the product they need.

Design and technology to catch the customer’s attention

Sports stores have changed a lot in recent decades, sport has stopped being a niche market and has become a lifestyle product for many consumers. The customer’s profile that is becoming increasingly digital makes it necessary for physical sales outlets to adapt to that digitalisation through applying technological solutions.

The Product Advisor allows you to compare products, expand information and even launch promotional campaigns associated with each of them.

The Interactive Kiosk offers the possibility to see stock availability, sizes and models as well as to personalise the product and finalise the purchase.

The Self-checkout enables quick payment by reducing queuing times and providing a memorable experience.

Give more visibility to your entire catalogue

Technology is also becoming increasingly important in this type of store. The catalogue for these products is very large and varied, while spaces are becoming smaller for so much equipment. How can we solve it? One possible way is through interactive screens that guide the customer through a simple questionnaire to the products that best fit their needs.

These types of screens can help brands and retailers to show the customer products that would otherwise be difficult to get to know and favour cross-selling.

A unique product through technology

A service that has been gaining ground in recent years is the personalisation of products that not only requires a unique element to be created, but also a treatment that requires a lot of time to meet the customer’s needs.

The development of technological solutions through software in different devices or screens has allowed the customer to customise the product to their liking in situ, in the same commercial space and through interactive devices.

A better service at a lower cost

In conclusion, the digitalisation of sports retail is enabling us to offer a better service by reducing costs. In addition, technology exerts a power of attraction on buyers that should be kept in mind, focusing on a differentiating customer experience. The later we incorporate these technologies, the less they will surprise our public, so the time to digitalise commercial spaces, now more than ever, is gold.

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