Technological innovations in retail in 2019

HMY is constantly searching for and researching new trends in the world of retail, with the aim of keeping us at the forefront of the sector and offering our customers the most innovative solutions on the market.

National Retail Federation – NRF 2019

The NRF is one of the most popular events in retail and we couldn’t miss it. It’s a major event with almost 40,000 attendees, 16,000 retailers, 800 exhibitors and the presence of nearly 100 different countries.

At this event we’ve been able to see some of the trends that we’re beginning to see and that very surely will begin to be more common in the sector, such as stores without shop assistants with artificial intelligence, biometric authentication, real-time stock control, or self-checkout for hybrid shopping experiences between online and offline.

Integrated Systems Europe – ISE 2019

ISE is one of the leading events in Europe in audiovisual technology and integration of different systems.

This year different innovations in digital signage have been presented, including screens with greater brightness to improve visibility despite the sun, casing to facilitate installation, LCD displays with an integrated signage platform and the commitment to new technologies like OLED (Organic Led).

The developments made in screens to improve their resolution and visibility will be fundamental to be able to catch the customer’s attention more effectively, walking towards a differential shopping experience at each sales outlet.

Towards an increasingly autonomous store

The developments seen, mark the way to an increasingly autonomous and efficient store, where processes such as cash flow and stock control are more agile, converting the event into a seamless shopping experience.

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