Holographic technology at the point of sale

At HMY we have turned technology into one of our specialities thanks to our HMY Retail Tech division. In fact, we are one of the few companies in the market that offer innovative, turnkey solutions that can be replicated in stores both locally and internationally.

As international leaders in global services with a 360º vision and innovation for retail, we continue with our commitment to offer the most advanced technology to both brands and retailers. As such, we have launched solutions that use holographic technology to add value to brands’ star products in your stores and offer unique experiences to your customers thanks to having a higher impact and product visibility.

With this new solution, HMY Retail Tech adds a new technology to its catalogue that enhances the product on display through a brand story. It combines several effects such as 3D holograms of the merchandise on display which can be rotated 360º, or with graphic items.

A hologram in a sales space is an incredible innovation that creates more interactivity with shoppers. Regardless of the market in which it is implemented, the brand creates a unique visual emotion, for example, to guarantee a product launch or increase the impact of advertising campaigns.

Thanks to 3D technology, graphic elements can be projected on shop windows and items can be seen in 360º in a completely intuitive manner. Since they can be integrated in any type of furniture, HMY proposes a wide range of possibilities with simple three or four-sided display cases.

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