Customer experience through technology

For many years, retail customer experience was based on having professional and attentive personnel who were able to best meet customer requirements.

However, society has changed, and even though the human factor is still essential in sales outlets, other factors have become more and more important and significant over the years.

Before analysing these factors, we should first stop and ask ourselves what a customers requirements are when visiting our sales outlet. The truth is that we really can’t know, but there are certain things that should be taken into account.

The need to see

A visitor comes into our sales outlet looking for something specific or in the hope of finding something interesting.

Of course, the reason why a person comes into our establishment may vary enormously but the fact is that, if they have chosen our sales outlet to spend some time and we are able to cause a good impression, then they will return when they have the chance.

That is why it is essential to have an attractive product display which draws the attention of our visitors, and this is where technology has so much to offer. Technology can help us highlight our products, attract attention to them and display their features.

One of the solutions which help to achieve this is Holographic Display which helps create a story about the product by combining different effects like 3D holograms which turn through 360º or graphic elements.

They need information and your attention

Some customers already know all about the product they’re going to buy, or they simply don’t need any further information on the product they’re interested in. Nevertheless, in our sales outlet we should be able to provide all this information quickly and easily.

Certain types of information will always be easily available, like the price, but the customer’s interest in a product may go well beyond that and may have a thousand queries regarding any of our products.

This is where technology plays a key role when it comes to providing the consumer with information. Some solutions like Interactive Kiosk are really useful for providing product information, making suggestions and facilitating cross-selling. Technologies like these help us free staff from the most common questions and help them answer more specific queries.

They need to pay

The payment process should be quick and simple, a field in which technology has made great progress by enabling frictionless payments, which also help to avoid queues in our sales outlets.

Another solution for speeding up payments are the so-called self-checkouts.

Technology takes the customer experience a step further

Technology enables helps us pay more attention to our customers and provide them with the information they need in a more personalised way. Implementing this type of solution helps us not only to improve the shopping experience for our customers, but also to give them more comprehensive and better service as well as optimising the shopping process.

If you’re looking for expert advice on implementing technological solutions in your sales outlet just contact us.

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