HMY, awarded for its technological innovation

One of the latest solutions developed by HMY, a leader in innovation for retail, has been recognized as one of the 100 Best Ideas of Actualidad Económica. Specifically, an intelligent perfume wall that incorporates its own software, a solution developed by the technology division of HMY Retail Tech.

The fragrance wall, awarded in the category of projects based on the most disruptive technologies, was designed especially for the Health & Beauty sector. This award is a great recognition of the work well done and the broad expertise of the company, which is committed to innovative solutions to give the best service to each of its customers, from conception to implementation through the integration of technology and its maintenance.

The perfume wall

Adopt’ required a total integration of technology in its points of sale to create interactivity between the product, the brand and the end customer. The sensory experience and personalization so important in the world of cosmetics have special relevance for Adopt ‘, having a great offer of fragrances so it was necessary to develop a solution capable of guiding its customers from a wide variety of options.

The perfume wall is a wall that includes an interactive advisor that guides the client in the choice of their perfume. Through two touch screens, the consumer answers a quizz about their tastes, mood, etc. The device selects three products that match the customer’s tastes and indicates their locations on the wall through an animation in the Led lighting on the unit.

The fragrance wall software, created from scratch and patented by HMY, has been custom designed for one of its customers in the Health & Beauty sector, with the aim of expanding its implementation and personalization to other models and spaces. HMY Retail Tech has generated and developed this solution seeking to put technology at the service of the customer to improve their shopping experience and help you find what you are looking for.

The interactive product advisor is a technological device that offers additional information about the selected product. In addition, when it is not being used, it can work as digital signage.

This innovative solution has been designed with the focus on efficiency, helping to meet current customer needs and favoring future implementations. It allows creating an interaction point and converts a traditional exhibition space into a point of sale that guides the consumer towards a personalized shopping experience.

After the implementation of the pilot project, sales of perfumes accounted for 45% of the store’s turnover. Before the implementation of this solution, they represented only 30%.

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