Futureproofing small retailing

Technology – love it or loathe it, you cannot deny its growing presence in retail. Yes, big brands and retailers have budget and manpower to implement cutting-edge systems that enhance and challenge the customer experience, but technology isn’t and shouldn’t be exclusive to the big boys. Yes, small brands and retailers can also have a piece of the pie and can strategically introduce technology to improve their customers shopping experience and brand loyalty as well as increase sales.

Customer first

The most important thing is to put the customer at the center of our strategy. How to attract your attention, how to improve your shopping experience, how to get loyalty with the brand, how to offer information about the products …

Attract attention

Technological solutions such as digital signage can attract the consumer attention. This is a way to strengthen the brand image, the products perception and influence the purchase decision through digital content that can be remotely segmented in screens installed at point of sale strategic points.

Thanks to this solution, we turn the store into a dynamic, digital and innovative space.

Offer information

One way to give the customer an added value at the physical point of sale can be through solutions such as the Product Advisor and the Interactive Kiosk that give a detailed information of the product while making recommendations favouring cross-selling.

Optimize processes

The technology is at the service of brands and retailers to offer them solutions that allow them to maximize the efficiency and profitability of the back-office processes involved in the sale. This also favours a frictionless purchasing process that customers value very positively.

Self-chekouts, queue management, security, inventory and communication with staff are some of the advantages offered by these solutions.

Data analytics

What is clear is that knowledge is power, so adopting retail analytics solutions – such as in-store analysis, traffic analysis and Business Intelligence – will provide valuable data to help shape future strategy.  What’s more, utilising smart shelves equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) readers can help to notify the back-end system of stock depletion, enabling you to respond and react to sales in real-time.

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