Sustainability as a factor in achieving commercial success

At a time when consumers are increasingly demanding more social and environmental responsibility from businesses, sustainability becomes a vital factor in achieving greater competitiveness.

Developing cross-organisational sustainable policies has become a basic element for any company in recent years. As such, HMY has recently rolled out its new 2018-2020 strategy plan where sustainability has been incorporated as a new value across all phases of its business activity.

Javier Rey, HMY ESG & Quality Group Manager, says that “one of our key objectives is to achieve long-term commercial success by generating a positive impact on all our stakeholders: professionals, customers, suppliers, society and its environment”.

The key pillars of HMY’s new strategic framework are: Transparency, Environment, Society and Ethics. Javier Rey states that “as regards transparency, we are committed to the 10 principles in the Global Compact through action plans linked to the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations for 2030”.

“As for the environment, every year we strive to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in more energy-efficient resources, implementing circular economy and rolling out projects based on eco-design and the product’s full life cycle.

We are a socially committed company with local actions through integration and resettlement in employment as well as various sponsorships; and global actions through our philanthropic project and our collaboration with NGOs to meet the most demanding needs in regions were our know-how and involvement have a major social impact.

“Ethics is the key element in all of our relationships and in our activity. HMY is particularly focused on the entire supply chain, from the relationship with our customers and suppliers to the HMY team as a whole. By respecting our values and code of ethics, we have upheld our commitment to our policies and values and, as such, our commitment to society”, stated Rey.

As a result of HMY’s link with sustainability, our factories have been certified as per the international standards ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001; we also perform regular SMETA social audits and share our results on SEDEX”.

One of HMY’s latest achievements is the renewal for another year of the RSA (Aragonese Social Responsibility) seal of approval for its production centre in Spain, as issued by the Aragonese Development Institute regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. Additionally, the company has also managed to adhere to the RSA+ seal, a recognition that only 14 companies from a total of 585 participating organisations have obtained. This achievement reinforces RSA certification around four specific pillars: work/life balance, volunteering and collaboration with entities and NGOs, equal opportunities and non-discrimination and the promotion of culture in Aragon.

In this regard, HMY keeps supporting its development with a strong commitment to social responsibility that, together with the environment, transparency and ethics, guarantees sustainable growth focused on respect for the environment and people.

For Javier Rey, “This recognition is an important impetus for our SCR policies, which undoubtedly ensure and drive the company’s long-term growth.

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