Intermarché Castelsarrasin: a change of image without losing the essence and the local touch

The Intermarché Castelsarrasin project

The Castelsarrasin hypermarket owners sought to reform their establishment to better meet new consumer expectations. They wanted a modern and innovative concept, while keeping the personal essence of the chain and without forgetting that local touch.

The best way to achieve this was to give identity to the traditional spaces and local customs to create a style that would differentiate it from the competition’s chains.

Enhancement of traditional spaces

The fishmonger, bakery, eco zone, winery, delicatessen area and the checkout area were the main protagonists of the establishment’s image change as they were given their own style and differentiated from the other sections.

In the fishmonger, ironwork elements and special signage divide the space and turn authenticity into the guiding thread.

In the bakery, the great challenge was combining cold furniture and the workshop, which required the furniture to be accurately distributed to overcome the architectural and technical difficulties.

The eco zone acquired its own identity thanks to the use of wood and plant elements that gave the essential natural touch in this space.

The winery and the delicatessen area needed a strong image to position them as specialists within the establishment.

The checkout area became a true reflection of the establishment’s spirit thanks to the use of stained glass and wrought iron elements.

The result was an increase in sales, competitors were forced to adapt and a collaboration with HMY that has continued after the opening.

The value of HMY

The company’s wide experience in the food sector developing solutions that adapt to the needs of each project made HMY the ideal partner to accompany Intermarché’s establishment in Castelsarrasin in its new image change.

HMY has a deep knowledge of the food consumer, which allowed it to accompany Intermarché in such a strategic decision for the company, advising on market trends and consumption habits in the sector to get better results.

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