HMY, winner of the Aragon Corporate Ecosystem and Future Awards for “The Beauty”

HMY, innovation leader in the retail sector, has received the first prize in the category of ‘Collaboration between established company and start-up’ for the joint project ‘The Beauty’ with DeuSens. The Aragon Corporate Ecosystem and Future Awards, created by Heraldo and Ibercaja, are given to companies that promote the competitiveness and development of the Aragon region by nurturing entrepreneurial initiatives and talent.

The project ‘The Beauty’, a dedicated Health & Beauty showroom HMY holds at its factory in Cariñena (Zaragoza), is based on the five pillars of the new retail: sustainability, accessibility, intelligence, experience and agility.

This showroom, which has received more than 80 visits by brands and retailers from ten countries since it opened in November 2018, displays a solid selection of solutions focused on helping clients with two of their main challenges: achieving affluence and influence. A real store where innovation is the common denominator and technologies, lighting, visual communication, and new eco-friendly materials are the main ingredients.

In a sector like Health & Beauty, the senses affect the purchase decision. Therefore, the ‘The Beauty’ showroom emphasises new furniture designs and materials integrating sensory elements that engage touch, smell, sight and hearing to enhance and promote interaction among the product, the brand and the end client, offering a memorable shopping experience.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation in this sector, HMY decided to support DeuSens in 2015. Since then, the start-up has grown under HMY’s guidance, applying its hyper-experience solutions to the retail industry together with major clients in the sector.

Heraldo and Ibercaja have decided to give this award to the HMY group in recognition of their commitment to DeuSens’ project ‘The Beauty’, since this continues support for companies in Aragón, which in turn creates employment and wealth, and attracts investment to the region. HMY has always shown a strong commitment to the environments in which it operates, promoting the development of local communities and entrepreneurial initiatives that encourage the development of society and the sector by fostering talent and innovative solutions.

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