HMY has received the Ecovadis gold medal

HMY, a leading company in retail innovation, has received the EcoVadis Gold Medal in France thanks to its excellent practices regarding Corporate Social Responsibility.  This is the highest rating granted by this organization, based on the degree of compliance of the most demanding RSE standards at the international level, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact or the ISO 26000 Regulation.

The excellent work and commitment shown by all the people that constitute HMY’s multidisciplinary team has made it possible to receive this important recognition. Thanks to the good performances and measures implemented in the company, HMY France has shown an above average dedication in their field in all the criteria measured by the EcoVadis evaluation. This has placed them in the top 3% of the best-rated companies.

With this Gold Medal HMY is rewarded for their job in environment, labor relations, human rights, ethics and sustainable purchases, the main areas that encompass EcoVadis’ study. In order to prepare the report and grant this distinction, the companies’ data are verified, evaluating them according to a number of criteria adapted to each activity field, size and geographic location of the companies. The result is a rating that reflects the company’s true performance in the evaluated areas.

The results obtained by HMY France correspond to a Gold rating in all areas, since they are in the top 12% of the best companies regarding the environment, the top 6% in the “Social and Human Rights” criterion and the top 2% in ethics.

Thus, EcoVadis’ scorecard makes it possible to obtain a better perspective to improve the understanding of environmental, social and ethical performances all over the world, since over 45,000 companies from 190 fields and 150 countries use this platform to evaluate their situation. It is also highly useful for companies, both to prevent and reduce risks and to foster the most positive aspects, since the rating obtained in each section of the report facilitates identifying and detecting the needs and possibilities of each area.

EcoVadis’ Gold Medal is a recognition of the work that HMY has been performing and implementing for some time now. This distinction rewards the company’s important work in the field of corporate social responsibility, embracing measures that make it possible to enjoy the best working conditions and constantly proving their firm commitment to sustainable development and the future of the planet.

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