HMY awarded prize for best metal furniture exporter in Turkey for fifth time

The HMY manufacturing unit in Turkey has received the prize for best exporter of metal furniture in the country in 2018, an accolade in addition to its number one ranking in each of the preceding four years of awards.

The prize, awarded by the Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Exporters Association (iDDMiB in its Turkish acronym), establishes a series of rankings and each year awards the best companies in the sector for their export activities.

In addition to this accolade, the HMY factory in Turkey (formerly Teknogon) holds 19th place in the list of all exporters in the metal sector, well ahead of other major players in the area.

This achievement is proof of the significant progress that HMY is making on a global level, with a strong local presence in each location in which we operate. Continuous efforts and adaptation to various environments and clients are some of the key factors that allow us to continue to grow and have our work recognised on the international stage.

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