HMY, a look towards the African market

New trends and consumer demands worldwide are driving the growth of certain retail segments in some African countries, which are already positioning themselves as interesting markets to be taken into account by major brands and international distributors.

At HMY, international leaders in global services with a 360º vision and innovation for retail, we have been working in Africa for over 15 years and have the ability to provide coverage in the 54 countries of the continent. All thanks to our efforts to develop all areas, seeking to promote the growth of retail and contribute to growth and innovation in a market with so many possibilities.

“Thanks to our commercial team, as well as to each and every one of our partners, we provide coverage throughout the African territory,” says Mario Machado, Director of HMY in Africa. In addition, “the international component of HMY and our industrial force, composed of 15 production centres spread all over the world, allows us to accompany any brand or retailer in its expansion or entry into the African market.”

Our wide range of services also allows us to cover any of our clients’ needs. HMY’s offer in Africa ranges from engineering solutions, manufacturing and assembly of furniture for retail, to consulting, design and architecture services, site and project management.

According to Mario Machado, with more than 10 years of experience in retail, “the African continent is constantly changing and assimilating the advances and modernisation in the stores. Likewise, the same concepts of commercial spaces that are used in Europe or the United States are being implemented.” In this sense, at HMY, as leaders in innovation in the retail sector, our goal is to continue working and growing, in order to be the best partner in this emerging market.

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