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6 tips to increase visual impact in health and beauty shops

The health and beauty industry is, along with fashion, the industry in which image matters most.

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Your products are bought to enhance the user’s appearance and presence, make them feel better and present the best version of themselves. And that’s why the point-of-sale must achieve the same aspiration in order to attract customers.

Furthermore, visual impact is something that cosmetic brands have always pursued. They have created spectacular graphics, aware of the presence of their competitors in most of the environments where they sell their product.

This has led many health and beauty industry retailers to entrust the visual communication of their spaces to the merchandising that brands send out for self-promotion. This is not a bad practice, but it makes them a point of convenience with no differentiation of their own.

That’s why today we bring you 6 tips to increase the visual impact of a Health and Beauty shop that will also help multi-brand retailers to reinforce their positioning.

How to make a cosmetics section or shop more attractive from the outside.

Practical tips for attracting consumers more effectively.

Discover what makes you stand out from the competition

And design your space around that positioning. Take the spaces of large multi-brand retailers with unique ambiences in which the consumer perceives real differentiation as an example.

To give a few examples: Primor’s use of nature and light to appeal to a more environmental positioning. Douglas’s Flagship shops appeal to the premium consumer and Séphora’s Beauty Hubs are the clearest example of their positioning as expert advisors.

Which leads us to the next tip.

Leverage technology to connect with consumers

Today’s consumer has a strong digital component. Often, the fact that there is technology at the point-of-sale connects with them because of its proximity to their lifestyle.

When referring to “pure and simple” visual impact, we cannot fail to mention digital signage. The effect on the consumer is instantaneous and unavoidable. In the same way that a television captures our attention in the living room, the brightness of the screens and audiovisual content attract consumers to the point-of-sale.

Furthermore, the multitude of possible formats means that digital signage can be adapted to almost any space without too much effort. We can see it at the top of murals, integrated into columns, on the gondolas themselves…

But best of all, this technology is not only a visual lure, but one of the most effective mechanisms for communicating promotions, discounts and other messages that make up the marketing strategy to consumers.

Brands provide the content – you provide the format

If we consider that screens are no longer novel enough, retailers have even more innovative options to highlight products, such as holograms.

Devices that are an experience in their own right, with the ability to differentiate the point-of-sale and attract consumers in equal parts.

Increases ease of product testing

One of the most enriching experiences for cosmetics consumers is testing the products. However, the whole process is too time-consuming and limits the number of cosmetics they discover. And even more so after the preventive measures adopted due to Covid-19.

In this regard, technology helps shops offer customers enriched experiences and make them see that the space they are in is much more than just a point-of-sale.

If we combine the two concepts, we find interesting technological experiences, such as augmented reality Makeup Testers. This is a fast-growing technology that facilitates product testing for consumers.

In addition, by personalising the filters, the retailer increases the association of the experience with the shop. Through it, they gain access to this novel product trial, and not only to the products used in the shop.

Undoubtedly a point that, properly promoted and positioned, will make a cosmetics shop stand out from the rest.

If you are interested in the digital transformation of your points-of-sale, be sure to download our guide to The Keys to Omnichannel in Retail.

Light is always your ally

On the more economical side of digital signage is visual communication using conventional lightboxes and, above all, dynamic lightboxes.

Lightboxes are already widely known and their use is widespread in all industries, especially in fashion and cosmetics. Dynamic lightboxes, however, add dynamism to the striking brightness of this format.

This means that, although it is not a screen and the number of messages that we can convey is somewhat more limited, we can still use the changes and fluctuations of light to attract consumers.

They are especially designed for those points where our content is not going to change very much. In addition, in those points where we want to maintain a very high visual impact, such as the different section headers in the shop or the shop window.

Helps consumers to navigate between multiple fragrances

Another negative consumer experience in health and beauty shops is being confronted with a myriad of scents without knowing beforehand whether they are their style or not.

Enhancing that experience and promoting the most profitable fragrances for the shop may have the same solution. This would also draw the consumer’s attention from any area, even from the street.

We are referring to the perfume recommendation wall, which is easy to install and very effective. It uses light pulses to attract consumers and a touch screen to understand what kind of fragrances they like the most. Accordingly, it recommends that closest to the user’s taste.

As you can see, technology is at your fingertips to increase the visual impact of your point-of-sale and improve the consumer experience in health and beauty shops.

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