Technology developers and integrators

At HMY Retail Tech, we integrate technology, and maximise efficiency and return on investment.

We understand our customers’ business and help them to digitalise their point of sale.

Together with our clients, we analyse their specific needs and offer tailor-made technological solutions always keeping in mind the objective and the final need to improve sales and guarantee a good return on investment.

At HMY Retail Tech we develop and implement solutions which: improve the shopping experience, optimise the back office processes and consumer analytics.

Shopping experience

With digital tools, we create multichannel communication and interaction strategies.

  • Digital Signage
  • Attraction to store and engaging customer journey
  • Personalised interaction
  • Highlight products

Processes optimization

We optimise the back-office processes involved in the sale maximising its efficiency and return.

  • Self-checkout
  • Queue management
  • Safety
  • Inventory
  • Staff communication

Consumer analytics

We help brands and retailers to understand their customers’ behaviour, in order to learn, test and improve performance; by gathering consumer data, they can optimise the resources and make strategic decisions.

  • Traffic analysis
  • In-store analysis
  • Business intelligence

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