Health & Beauty, the sector in which the senses influence the purchase decision.

Retailers and brands in the health & beauty industry all face the same challenge: they need to stand out from the competition in a limited retail space. They have to compete with a growing number of brands and multiple products within their own brands.

To help them with this task, HMY has driven a change in the design and implementation of new retailing tools, using innovation as an engine, to create spaces where the attention is on the product. This enables us to help brands and retailers to highlight new features and innovations.

In a sector where the senses have a leading role, technology makes it possible to offer a memorable experience in the space as well as to push cross-selling and give product information or comparisons.

Health & Beauty is one of the sectors with the greatest segmentation and knowledge of the various target audiences. This aspect fosters very personalised communication from brands to the point of view of the shopping experience as well as the in-store displays, for greater agility and capacity to adapt.

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