Food & Beverages, a sector in the process of digitalization

The food & beverage industry is seeing a transformation influenced by the changes in consumer values; healthy natural eating and the importance given to sustainability are the major trends in the food & beverage sector.

The emergence of smartphones made it clear that consumers value any technology that makes their life easier. This can be extrapolated to the food & beverage point of sale; for this reason, one of the sector’s biggest challenge is to digitalise their spaces.

The market trend points to process automation as a way to improve the shopping experience with solutions such as smart shelving and unmanned stores.

HMY, which develops and integrates technology into furniture, is the ideal partner for food & beverage customers that are looking to make their products or services stand out at the point of sale.

Our experience and knowledge in this sector has meant that worldwide leading retailers and brands rely on HMY for their developments of retail spaces.

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