Hygiene and protection solutions post-COVID19

How to recover the consumer trust?

Customer service has changed radically, at least in the immediate post pandemic. In order for shoppers to re gain their trust, brands and retailers have to answer to consumer concerns such as: what time will there be less people? How many people have touched this product? When was the last time the store was disinfected?

After analyzing the market and new regulations our retail experts have developed innovative solutions for safety, control and cleaning products for commercial spaces. These can be easily purchased and installed and will deliver confidence, guarantee the security of the consumers, protect the staff and enable a safe re-open.

Consumer safety

A range of products that will increase consumer trust and safety. These are based mainly on hand disinfection, automatic capacity control and special distance queue management.

HMY offer brands and retailers a range of hidroalcoholic gel and wipes dispensers, anchored to the wall or self-standing, AI video surveillance systems and thermal cameras to automatize the attendees control messages.

Staff protection

Employees and consumers are equally important to protect, and one of the immediate solutions that do this are the methacrylate screens for checkout and counter area.

In addition, complementary technology such as temperature control bracelet to prove the health condition who wears them, visually giving that extra safety guarantee to the consumer.

Sistemas de higienización

Store disinfection without affecting the product or the visual merchandising is another challenge the retailers face in the short and medium term.

The most efficient technologies for this use UV light and ozone disinfection. These solutions can be used to disinfect entire stores, fitting rooms or for example for apparel and supermarket trolleys through an innovative special disinfection tunnel.


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